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Stunning renderings, interactive animations, web tours and virtual reality experiences for a fixed price.

We are the industry leaders for real time visualization and we provide more content for less costs compared with traditional renderings.


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The problem customers face is buying real estate without knowing exactly how it will be…

Growing up, Nathan Nasseri, CEO and Founder of Real Estate in Virtual Reality (REinVR) spent most of his time playing video games. This changed in 2012 after graduating from the VFS game design program and he discovered his new passion, real estate. He started selling pre-built homes for his families real estate development company and he noticed that he was frequently turning away customers because he didn’t have the display model that they were the most interested in. “The problem customers face is buying real estate without knowing exactly how it will be and I realized that I could combine my education with my work experience to solve this problem.” said Nasseri.

After 4 years working in new home sales Nasseri left to create a system to help sell real estate to more clients in less time. “I looked for solutions that already existed, but none of them were designed specifically with selling in mind, so I decided to start creating digital models of real estate that hasn’t been built yet using technology from the video game industry. With an interactive digital model buyers can see every layout, every color scheme and each view from each unit. Once the digital model is created we can create virtual reality experiences, fly through videos, still image renderings, web tours and make it interactive so you can switch colors or find out pricing and availability. My passion now is to change the way that people buy and sell real estate that hasn’t been built yet.” said Nasseri.

"Traditional show suites and vignettes are important to showcase the quality and style to customers. REinVR specializes in creating what you can’t show customers in real life and people from all over the world can experience it. Real estate developers are recognizing that our technology is here to help their sales team maximize their opportunities. Buyers are making the biggest purchase of their lives, and are more likely to make that purchase when they have the opportunity to see exactly what they’re getting. By showcasing a digital model on a web browser, through a video or in virtual reality it's easy to understand what they are purchasing and hopefully make a decision quickly. That's exactly what I wanted when I was selling homes and it's what our award winning team is here to provide for the pre-built real estate industry." Said Nasseri.

With a rare combination of insights into both the video game and the real estate industry, REinVR has become leaders in their field for real estate technology. While still new and developing, it’s undeniable that digitization is the direction that the world is moving towards. A digital model is less expensive, can be created much faster and can be showcased to a global audience, not just the people who happen to be in the area. With partners like Epic Games, HTC Vive and Quantum Capture, REinVR continues pushing forward customer focused solutions for buying real estate in the digital age.