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"I'm sorry, this is everything I can show you."

Nathan Nasseri the CEO and Founder of Real Estate in Virtual Reality (REinVR) went to school for video game design. After finishing school he found himself working in real estate. He was an up and coming new home sales professional with experience working a range of different new developments. As the economy slowed due to low oil prices, Nasseri had time to create a sales tool using video game technology to help him sell more homes. 

During the 4 years Nasseri worked in different show models, he estimates he turned away hundreds of interested buyers because he didn't have the right model displayed. Over 50% of the time Nasseri was saying, "No, I'm sorry, I don't have that model, this is everything I can show you."

Imagine going to a BMW dealership and they only have one car to show you, it would never happen, but it’s common practice for real estate developers. The reason is simple. Cost. However, by digitizing the experience buyers can see everything and the cost to develop a digital model is less than 1% the cost of a physical home.

"Developers spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising to get people to walk into a show model. We have a powerful computer at our fingertips with access to all of the worlds information. We should be embracing technologies to help businesses innovate. We should give customers the same level of information visually so it's easy to understand what they're are purchasing and hopefully make a decision quickly. That's exactly what I want and it's what we're here to do for the pre-built real estate industry." 

REinVR has quickly risen to become industry pioneers under the leadership of Nasseri. With his rare insights into both technology and the real estate industry plus an incredibly talented team of designers, REinVR has become a recognized leader in real estate technology. With partners like Epic Games, HTC Vive and Quantum Capture, REinVR continues pushing forward customer focused solutions for buying real estate in the digital age.