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It all started when…

"No, I'm sorry I don't have anything else to show you."

Nathan Nasseri the CEO and Founder of Real Estate in Virtual Reality (REinVR) went to school for video game design. After finishing school he decided to try something different and joined his Uncle, Reza Nasseri, working at Landmark Homes in sales. He was an up and coming new home sales professional in Edmonton, Alberta with experience working in 4 different new developments. As the economy slowed due to low oil prices, Nathan had time to create a sales tool using video game technology to help him sell more homes. 

"I have spent years working 6 days a week selling new homes in a show model. These show models are so expensive and great to have. But, they don't show everything. It's impossible! It would be way too expensive. Every person that walks through the door is a potential buyer and you should be able to show them everything available instantly. That is a buyers expectation in the world we live in." Said Nathan

During the 4 years Nathan worked in different show models, he estimated he turned away hundreds of interested buyers because he didn't have the right model to display on hand for them. Over 50% of the time Nathan was saying, "No I'm sorry I don't have that model, I don't have anything else to show you except this." which is like going to a BMW dealership and they only have one car to show you. Nathan kept thinking that there had to be a way to solve this problem using technology from the video game industry.

A few years after he had his first thoughts he tried Virtual Reality. Within the first few moment of having his first virtual reality experience he thought about how many more homes he could sell using this. He purchased immediately after and starting designing virtual reality experiences that could sell homes that aren't built yet. He practiced his craft and worked hard to create a new solution for pre-selling and marketing real estate.

"Developers spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising to get people to walk into a show model. These show models are often furnished with $50,000 to $100,000 or even more in furniture costs. For a fraction of the cost of show model furniture we can showcase the entire completed project, with accurate views and show case every single upgrade and color option. We can make anything you want to show and the furniture is free! We have access to endless amounts of information at our fingertips, we should be embracing technologies to help our business innovate. We should give customers the same level of information in a visual format so it's easy to understand what they're are purchasing. That's exactly what I want and it's what we're here to do for the pre-built real estate industry." 

REinVR has quickly risen to become industry pioneers under the leadership of their founder and CEO. With his rare insights into technology and the real estate industry plus a world class team of talented video game veterans, REinVR is well positioned to be a leading force in the emerging industries of enterprise solution simulations, 3D photo-realistic visualizations and virtual reality. There are many disruptive technologies on the horizon that are quickly going to change how business is done and how we live. Their focus is to keep on developing these disruptive solutions and apply them towards the real estate industry.